Memorial Day Swedish Pilgrimage

My mother's father grew up in Malmo, Nebraska. Every Memorial Day, she and my aunt drive up to decorate the graves of the Bredenberg family at Bethesda Cemetary. It's full of Swedes.

My grandfather's parents. Evalina ran away from Sweden to Nebraska when she was 17. She worked for the lawyer who defended Chief Standing Bear in Omaha. Simon came from Säfsnäs, Dalarna, Sweden.

This is my mom's favorite gravestone. Nora Alebana Bredenberg was born on the ship on the way to America.

After decorating the graves, it is customary to take a spin through Malmo. Peering into the Bank.

This is the Swedish Evangelical Mission Church, which my grandfather's family attended.


Start of Summer Athleticism

Passing time, the National Way. Inaugural game of 2009 at Lewis Fields was a 13-10 victory for Team One.

Saturday ladies road ride to Bennet via Roca. Though both days held dramatic storm clouds, we stayed dry. Too bad, really, because we need the rain.


Cats vs. Dogs

Friday evening, post-FAC at the Zoo Bar in celebration of Reynold Peterson's birthday, Brent, Sarah, Ande & I headed to Haymarket Park for the Saltdogs season opener. Sadly, the photo doesn't really show that this was a Cats vs. Dogs endeavor.

There were some great clouds to the west, and the weather was perfect for baseball.

Fireworks Friday! Inexplicably, the fireworks display was accompanied by two plays of "Satisfaction" by the Rolling Stones. Does this make sense to you?

Post-game -- a Cats victory -- we headed to Bread & Cup for some beers, bread & butter on the patio. On the counter inside were some beautiful antique peonies next to the fresh greens for Saturday's meals.

Bikes lining "S" Street.

Spam, Illustrated

More here, and I hope he keeps going, because there aren't enough of these gems!



Monday night, Mart & Jennie & I drove out to the farm so they could say farewell to Nebraska. We watched the sun set from my favorite tree and listened to the birds for a long time.

We'll miss you two. Come back to visit!


My Week #3 (May 5-10)

My Week #3 (May 5-10) from nocoastfilms on Vimeo.

This is a short one, as I'm switching to Sunday as the end and Monday as the beginning of the week. The weather is nice, and there is lots of riding of bicycles.


East on the MoPac

Gina & I headed out this morning for some serious trail miles.

It was pretty cool to start, but we were taking off the arm warmers before too long. Gina's got a stylin' new jersey, too.

Serious water bottle concentration.

Turnaround time. Faint hair metal blasting from a field somewhere nearby.

Delicious and well-deserved beers at the One-Eyed Dog on the way back. Food tasted exceptional. And nothing, just nothing, beats a cold beer out of a frosty mug when you've worked for it. (Except maybe a cold beer in the shower when you've worked for it.)

Jennie graduated yesterday. Apparently, this is the regalia that Master's candidates in the Survey Research & Methodology program at UNL wear. Congratulations, Jennie. You look downright dashing.


St. Paul Saturday

Gigantic latte at Gingko's

Jelly is the sweetest little cat. She greeted us every time we came walking back from somewhere.

We Tast[ed] The Flavors of Korea

Nick & Calico. She was just a little puppy the last time I saw her! This summer, she'll be riding back to Nebraska in the trailer hitched to the back of Nick's bike.

Ok, so that's in Des Moines. Ingenious bike parking integrated into the design of the parking meter.

Data Conference?