You Should Probably Be Reading....

Octopus Magazine #10 instead of my blog. Well, at least for now.

This is just a partial screenshot of the 8 x 10 grid of poets representin':

From Vimeo's favorites

What a sweet little animation!

Leo's Song from impactist on Vimeo.

Do You?

I made this in November of 2006 for the Multiplex installation put together by the Thought Farmers. A row of televisions was set up on a downtown Lincoln sidewalk on a cold December First Friday. There was even a popcorn machine!

The piece is certainly inspired by Austrian experimental filmmaker Martin Arnold, who is most well-known for using an optical printer to dissect a film scene frame by frame, examining minor movements and sounds. In light of the material used, this piece is also certainly an exercise in dealing with our current political situation (sadly, even more than a year later).

Do You? from nocoastfilms on Vimeo.


Super Saturday

Ok silly. I know Super Tuesday isn't over yet, but you better get your booty to a Nebraska caucus site this Saturday to vote.

Lancaster County is registering voters at 5:15 PM (any resident can register/switch party at the site) and caucusing at 6:00 PM. Find your location.

Douglas County is registering voters at 9:15 AM and caucusing at 10:00 AM. Find your site here.