Falling in Love...

...with a bike and some singletrack in Wilderness. Knowing I'd be leaving town and not riding my new bike for a week, I opted to take her out in the Park after work. What a perfect place to be. I saw at least 10 deer at very close range, enjoyed lots of solace at either slow and meditative or fast and challenging paces, crossed paths with a few other friends on bikes, and generally put myself in a great mood.
We're so lucky to have this tucked right in to the city.


2nd Annual Scrabble Hustle

I came in 3rd place in the Scrabble Hustle last night.

At the Bison Trail start, I had a D. At the Sunken Gardens stop, after quickly and successfully spelling "segue," I picked up a Z. At 11th and C, after successfully hopscotching up some stairs in cleats, I picked up an N. Plan A foiled. I snagged a Y at 8th and Van Dorn, then the crucial E at Irvingdale Pool. With a sprint to the finish, I was the third racer to arrive, affording me the all-important triple letter bonus on my Z for the word ZED, 33 points.
Clint had the lead with a first finisher bonus triple word on QUIZ, 63 points.
Ryan, the second finisher, held on fourth place overall with a double word score on ETCH, 18 points.
Coming in in the middle of the pack of racers with the night's only bingo was Brandon, who played VAGINAL for 61 points -- 11 for the word and 50 bonus points for the bingo -- landing him in 2nd place.

Great race, Dan Kroll.


Happy Friday!

Brought the new ride to Branched Oak for her maiden voyage. Lovely!
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