the trouble with iTunes/iPod playlists is how long they get. we were limited by the length of tape. oh well. here's what i'm listening to right now. lots of throwbacks (fall is a nostalgic season) and still exploring the tremendous library i inherited when i bought josh lux's iPod. i'll make you a cd if you want.

1. untitled - interpol
2. smile - the jayhawks
3. the death of ferdinand de saussure - the magnetic fields
4. this year - the mountain goats
5. in a manner of speaking - nouvelle vague
6. infinity girl - stereolab
7. the outer banks - the album leaf
8. like foxes through fences - american analog set
9. let's go driving - barzin
10. sunday morning - margo guryan
11. kid for today - boards of canada
12. hora decubitus - charles mingus
13. the healer - erykah badu
14. i'm on fire - chromatics
15. let it all pass - dead meadow
16. the sounds and the times - toshack highway
17. still suspicion holds you tight - black rebel motorcycle club
18. jealous love - the golden age
19. the box - eastern conference champions
20. lime kiln - hrsta
21. santa maria da feira - devendra banhart
22. preto, cor preta - jorge aragão
23. suzanne - françois hardy
24. heaven - talking heads
25. late night stranger - outlaw con bandana
26. sleepy california - her space holiday
27. glosoli - sigur rós
28. oh! sweet nuthin' - the velvet underground


What A Game

Yesterday, I broke a long-held record to contribute to yet another long-held record. Thanks to Emily, back in town for Thanksgiving, I went to the Nebraska-Colorado football game. I had never -- despite having lived in Lincoln all but 4 years of my life -- been to a Husker football game (that's Record #1); the stadium had yet another sell-out crowd of 85, 319, a streak that's been going since 1962. And what a game it was. Go read some analysis.

The weather was beautiful -- a crisp, fall day.

The game started out pretty terribly for Nebraska, and I began to think I'd made a mistake in reversing my record. Such is the life of the superstitious sports fan. But then Nebraska tied it up, and the crowd released balloons after the first touchdown.

As the sun went down, the stadium left some nice lighting on the East Stadium.

What a kick. This was the moment in which I became truly aware of the reason Husker fans are so terribly excited about being in Memorial Stadium for games. That was incredible to witness, and the roar of the crowd was insane.

Right after Alex Henery's 57-yard field goal.

Emily & I are happier.

n.b. I owe great thanks to J-Vass, my old roomie, for teaching me almost everything I know about football.


Black Friday

Some people go shopping on the day after Thanksgiving. This morning, my mom and I rode bikes instead. Much better idea.


Speaking of Video...

My college classmate and good friend Molly Lambert got herself in the New York Times Magazine, writing and videoblogging about her favorite Screen Gem of 2008. Nice work, Moll•E.

Skater Steve

I've been meaning to give a shout-out to Steve for a while now. He's been producing some great skate videos, really showing how much you can do with a cheap pocket camera. Here are Lincoln's own legendary skateboarders Steve (aka Venom) & Phil (of Precision Skateboards) in Skate Date; you can find many more of Steve's excellent videos on Good Problem.

Skate Date! from SPONTAZY on Vimeo.

7 forms of transportation

I woke up in Philadelphia. I took a SEPTA train to the Amtrak, which I
took to DC. I switched to the Metro (with one transfer), and then took an airport shuttle
to my terminal. I took an airplane to Omaha, and now I'm on the
OmaLink van home. My feet have gotten their fair share of work, too,
but I can't wait to get on a bike.

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It's Always Sunday Night in Philadelphia

last night, we went out. tonight, it's time for TV Carnage.

Stars of the Lid

Friday night, Jules, Mathias and I left the far reaches of Sunset Park to see some Wordless Music at (le) Poisson Rouge. We practiced making angry faces on the train.

Stars of the Lid had some pretty incredible video projections going on, proving that Final Cut Pro's kaleidoscope filter can be put to good use. Especially slick use of this filter meant that they could almost perfectly line up the two projectors they were using to create one, seamless, stage-filling projection. Beautiful stuff, as more identifiable images meshed with more abstract imagescapes.


On the bus

I am using wifi on a bus while on the Jersey Turnpike. This blows my

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& more New York photos

David Noriega has some coffee.

The view from Alex's window (thanks for the bed).

Meeting Barbara.

At the MoMA, people are sassy on their way to the restrooms. See Minnesota State Capitol for their restroom use policy.

Immersive video installation that suggests taking off your shoes and suggests an eyeball, at least from above.

Bike-related MoMA

It's becoming more and more apparent I haven't ridden a bike in a while....


Busta Rhymes has a new hit song/dance, "Arab Money." You should probably learn about it from these guys, though.


From DC to NYC

I left DC yesterday evening, spoiling myself a little with an Amtrak ticket instead of taking the bus. Good decision, especially since I got to spend a little time in Union Station.

When we passed through Baltimore, I looked for Omar and Snoop on the dark streets full of vacants. No dice.

I got to Mathias & Jules's place by 10:15 or so without making a single wrong turn all the way from Penn Station.

I know I'm home here when there's a mammoth in the window. I guess the plants were really huge in the time of mammoths, too.


Flying to DC

Ready to leave

Sunset & planets rising


Metro bike commuter

Metro architecture


Alash @ the Mill

Those of you in Lincoln should really be attending one of the two Alash concerts at the Sheldon tomorrow.

These Tuvan throat singers were performing on Live from the Mill this morning when I went there to meet Avishay. Here's a clip from the last time they were on NET Radio.

And here, today. Please note the horsehead on the stringed instruments.


I'm off to D.C., NYC, and Philadelphia for 10 days...


Men At Work

Ande's been a diligent worker recently. Between his Montessori training and composing the score for a USC graduate thesis film, he's working until he falls asleep.

Full Moon

I couldn't really get a photo that accurately represented the magnitude of tonight's rising full moon. I can, however, hook you up with some sweet wolf paraphernalia.