Jon Pack Approved!

I sent four concepts to Jon Pack's chopping block, and they ALL got approved.


A new study published today indicates that circumcision cuts the risk of contracting H.I.V. in half for men, and makes women who have sex with circumcised, H.I.V. positive men 30 percent less likely to become infected. These conclusions were drawn after clinical trials performed in Kenya and Rwanda. (Full article on NYTimes.com.)
Though I am generally opposed to the practice of circumcision, this may be a valid reason -- particularly in many parts of the world where AIDS is all too common -- to consider it a worthwhile practice.
I have to go to work. Tell me what you think.


This photo is the real deal. Elephant in womb.


Dum Dee Dum Dee Dum Dum Dee Dum Day

I miss New England, just a little.

I started a new job Thursday working for the State. In a cubicle, or "cube," as they call them these days. I have no windows. I have benefits. I am not supposed to use the internet.

I also just found out I had a whole bunch of comments that had never shown up, caught somewhere in the neverneverland between Blogger and Blogger Beta. So they're here now. Sorry if you thought I was dissing you.

The multiplex was pretty great. Freezing, but pretty great.

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