Last fall, Nate came home from Chicago for a weekend. We hung out at my parents' kitchen table late into the night, drinking whiskey. This happened along the way...


Things I Saw On A 2-Hour Bike Ride

1. A bunch of junior high students, in the middle of the street, part the sea of their bodies, one shouting "a biker, damn she's fast!" (To be fair, I was going downhill...)

2. A mourning dove that flew about a foot in front of my face.

3. Two junior high boys, one saying "I love you," me answering "Thank you," as they got out of my way.

4. Kevin Wilkins, though since we were going in opposite directions on the bike path, by the time I realized it was him, it was too late to turn around and catch that Olympic-speed cyclist. We exchanged the obligatory nod of the helmet, though.

5. Canada Geese hanging out on the ice still left on Holmes Lake.

6. A bunch of small dogs tied to the undercarriage of an RV parked outside of Pershing Auditorium.



In Zürich, Switzerland, a large, stuffed (with fireworks, among other things) snowman is burned in effigy to end the winter. My father burned his 20+-year-old coveralls, stuffed with hay, baggies of gasoline, sparklers, and matches. Man's Last Great Invention was on hand for a live soundtrack.

Böögg from nocoastfilms on Vimeo.


proud (if a bit frozen) face

I biked to work today on a sheet of ice covered in a bit of snow and topped off with a crusty, icy topping that had been formed by the 16mph north wind, making the 1 degree temperature feel like -18 degrees. I bike straight north, and boy I felt awesome after that.