My Week #56 (May 10 - 16) on Vimeo

My Week #56 (May 10 - 16) on Vimeo

My Week #56 (May 10 - 16) from nocoastfilms on Vimeo.

It's raining in May; the governor declares it Bike Month; the Gardners are funny siblings; the gardens are making nice vegetables; Lincoln kicks off Bike to Work Week a day early; Melissa leaves Lincoln; Crete students graduate and celebrate; it rains as the week ends.


The Sustained Chef

The Sustained Chef

Kevin at Bread & Cup has put together a nice little run-down of the 24 hours leading up to one of their Market Meals. Amazing -- it really comes across like the grandmother preparing Thanksgiving dinner in terms of the care that goes into it. I'm so proud to live in a city that has this kind of symbiosis.


As found in Nebraska...

Felice sent me this grocery list:

i found the following grocery list in FoodPride on A St.:

3- 8oz pkg cream cheese
1 Envelope Ranch dressing
Lime jello sm
mini marsh - multi
1 No2 can crushed pine
1 c Nuts
1 Cool whip


Migas Breakfast

Love it when I wake up early enough to make a breakfast rather than just having a bowl of cereal. Recent kick: migas.

Take a couple corn tortillas, cut into strips, and toss into an omelet pan with a bit of olive oil. Add 2-3 eggs -- the ones from Common Good Farm are amazing right now that the chickens are eating all sorts of fresh greens -- and fry up. The beauty of having the tortilla in there is that making perfect over-easy eggs becomes almost too challenging to be worth it, and the whole mixture tastes great with the egg binding the tortilla strips together, so you just cook the mess until the eggs aren't too runny.

Serve with fresh greens -- mine are from Shadowbrook Farm -- cilantro, salsa, cheese if you like.



New Project

‘pho∙to∙gra∙phy’ (etymology of): from photos (ϕοτοσ), light, and graphos (γραοσ), writing, delineation, or painting.

I love pushing the limits of relatively uncomplex consumer cameras, repurposing their pre-programmed photo modes for unintended and beautiful consequences of imagery. Here, "Starry Night" mode on the Panasonic Lumix TS-1 becomes more Mark Rothko painting than photograph as a 15-second exposure soaks in colors and attempts to white balance. See more this Friday at Roundscapes, 14th & O in the Parrish Building, where I'll be showing along with Jason Ortiz.

The Battlefield Pinhole Camera | DIYPhotography.net

The Battlefield Pinhole Camera | DIYPhotography.net

This is just so beautiful...