That's a call to arms of the governing sort

"To Democrats: I would remind you that we still have the largest majority in decades, and the people expect us to solve problems, not run for the hills. And if the Republican leadership is going to insist that 60 votes in the Senate are required to do any business at all in this town -- a supermajority -- then the responsibility to govern is now yours as well. Just saying "no" to everything may be good short term politics, but it's not leadership. We were sent here to serve our citizens, not our ambitions." -Barack Obama, SOTU 2010.

How to make a news segment

This is absolutely brilliant, perfectly on pitch. The Daily What via Max Silvestri.


Call the bluff

Ed Rendell finally says what I've been thinking for quite some time.

I have stayed more silent that I should have about the health care bill. But one thing I've felt all along is that it is simply ridiculous that somehow the 60-vote supermajority displaced a simple 51-vote majority as the only way to go. Young as I may have been, I do remember Strom Thurmond filibustering, and honestly, I don't think Republicans in the Senate have someone of his caliber to carry the inane filibustering torch...SO MAKE THEM FILIBUSTER!



This is the newest addition to my fleet, a 2001 Specialized CX1 built up with Shimano 105 parts. It's a deep espresso brown. I'm thinking of naming her Jo. Thanks for building her up, Conrad.

KC Sprints at Duffy's

Women's final: Downtown Syd Brown vs. Eli"s"abeth Grindcore

Shirtless grudge match: Rhino vs. Mr. T

Great crowd!

Soccer nerd grudge match: Matthew vs. Aaron

MKGB practices aiming for the puke bucket

My Week #39

My Week #39 (January 11-17) from nocoastfilms on Vimeo.

Happy Birthday to me! Thanks to assistant camera work from Alex Reinkordt and Melissa Beehner.


Notable Quotable 2009

As much of a gadget freak as I may be, I love my Slingshot organizer. More than anything, I like having it around to quickly jot down info about things I see, films while I'm watching them, and, most importantly for this post, funny things people I'm spending time with say. Here's a collection of quotations from the last year, mostly without attribution.

January 28- can you mix chamomile tea and wine?

March 7- it was calypso metal for a second there.

March 15- you need to edit all day. do it. now.

March 22- what happens when you repeatedly remove 2 ft. of film from Ghost until 9 minutes have disappeared?

March 26- who is amen? goosey jossip. the way he breathes.

March 26- sever thunderstorms

April 2- how are you going to argue with the traveling nurse with the new fake boobs when she takes your glasses?

April 10- you and I lick ass at the mutual flake

April 17- Hispanic veggies -Felice

April 24- ride sightings of a big scary green and yellow snake, 3 deer, and a Tom turkey

April 26- salt dogs should've been the salt creek beetles. their mascot would have big mandibles to scare the shit out of kids. -Conrad

May 30- my brain is too powerful for passion. -Marti

June 10- have a good try one at the a&n bar in wymore.

July 3- all women have a built-in grain of indestructibility. and men's task has always been to make them realize it as late as possible. -Sans Soleil

July 12- baby/child one pulled pit with water pouring out of its open mouth, dead. "look, my gill can hold her breath!"

August 17- mom: I'm going to the blood bank
Elisabeth: have fun with the vampires
mom: you know, it's something good I can do that doesn't require brains
elisabeth: yeah, that's the zombies

September 8- when is our workplace going to reflect the creativity-fostering we want to see in schools? it's depressing, not funny.

October 10- ART ART ART show!

October 17- Kein mensch ist illegal.

October 18- I tried to do handstands for you.

October 21- serendipity: I heard your voice in Dresden comes on the shuffle while driving in dresden. berlin graffiti: I'll be in your dreams if you'll let me be in yours.

October 22- dorky business idea: underwear printed with dutch flag pattern, for your Netherlands.