To Be A Superfan

I'm all packed up to head to Iowa City for Jingle Cross. All year, I've been looking forward to this weekend -- the closest really big race and a chance to line up with a bunch of women in a sport I've really come to love.

Well, I won't be lining up. A crash in last weekend's Lincoln CX left me with a fractured thumb and the inability to grip handlebars -- not exactly OK for 'cross racing. This past week has involved a lot of psychological pain and frustration on top of the physical as I've watched the gnarly bruises develop.

So, this weekend, I'm shifting gears. Trying to take inspiration from CVO, Liz and others, I'm transforming into superfan mode. Best of luck to my Sheclismo teammates Sydney, Kat, and Kimberley, to our honorary member Ryan the singlespeedo, and to all the other Nebraska riders taking the course. I wish I were out there with you, but I'll be happy to heckle you or hand you a drink, too.


Abandoned Flags

A little long and a little too heavy on the tracking shots, but it's set to one of my favorite Godspeed songs and with a pretty incredible location, so who cares, really?

via After The Storm - The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan


My Week #81 (November 1 - 7) on Vimeo

My Week #81 (November 1 - 7) on Vimeo

My Week #81 (November 1 - 7) from nocoastfilms on Vimeo.

Brent leaves, we vote, I rearrange, I go down in history as (one of?) the only model(s) to put clothes ON on the catwalk, I rehabilitate in Wilderness with Liz, and we celebrate my aunt's birthday.