The best way to combine set of 3 angles

I can't wait for Triangle Forest to take Lincoln by storm on the 18th. Mark Montalto's video is excellent, particularly the sunglasses. Ande made a sweet flier,

and so did Brendan "B-Lite" Britton, for the whole tour.


Bavarian Cowboys

Today, I've been researching the German obsession -- and, more specifically, the Bavarian obsession -- with the Wild West. And I have discovered:

Pullman City, a Wild West theme park, where "Hobbyists in costume are admitted free."

Bavarian Cowboys, a collective of US/car enthusiasts that have an excellent video on their site.

And, The Art of Being German, a series of photographs by Peter Grasner depicting Germans who dress up as "Westerns."

This article pretty much sums it up.


A Leading Indicator of Legitimacy?

Lincoln now has a craigslist. Gasp! Are we getting there?

Bulleted list of trip highlights:
* Apple, Blue Cheese, Artichoke, and Garlic Pizza from the Big Tomato in Des Moines
* Hours of Kill, Fuck, or Marry
* John trying to prove he's a nice enough guy to be Marika/Elisabeth's "Marry" choice
* David picking "drunk" over "mother"
* John's imitation of Dot missing us
* Breakfast in Toledo, particularly plugging the jukebox
* Birch water and John's wild raspberries in Central Pennsylvania
* Being picked up and spun around by both Taylor and Mike while Cordey urinated in the street
* Sicilia's
* Breakfast at Brickway
* Standing on Thayer Street for at least an hour, just talking
* Big meal at Apsara for 8 people, only $45
* "Christopher Walken" versus "Wisdom"
* BreAnne's mojitos
* Bagel Gourmet on the MCM Green
* True Providence BBQ
* Lightbulb jokes
* Julian's
* Amtrak along the shoreline
* NYC barcrawl 'til 4 AM
* Watching the World Cup finals in Mark Montalto's crazy Upper East Side housesitting flat
* Hours queued up for Upright Citizens Brigade tickets
* Random people from Brown also in line
* Seeing Horatio Sanz and the rest of the UCB crew up close, for free
* Brooklyn Lager
* J-Vass's handlebar moustache
* Gianna's veggie Philly cheese-steak
* Pumpkin surprise visit
* TV Carnage over and over
* Philly dive bar, where you just order "lager"
* The "threesome"
* "Different Places!"
* The Gayborhood
* The beautiful horseshoe curve in the Alleghenys
* Wandering around Pittsburgh with all our luggage
* Finally sleeping on the train to Chicago
* Track 11
* Cold, delicious beer right away at Fran's
* The view from Ken's office, Chicago Loop
* The original Marshall Field's
* Chicago Style architecture, up close
* Sunset in Iowa
* Pulling into Lincoln in a new way for the first time
* My parents at 2 in the morning
* Seeing Dot again




I have loaded several photos from the trip onto flickr. nocoastphotos. Enjoy.

So Monday night, after some of the most stupidly hot weather ever, a great group of people met at a park in the North Bottoms to play kickball. One special rule: second base is a cooler of beer and two players are allowed on that base. My team, Team Bird, pulled out a secret weapon in the 7th inning stretch, namely a basket full of water ballons that were promptly launched at the pitcher while one of ours was at bat. This is the Summer of Awesome.
After kickball, I drove Patrick and Adeline Wilkens home, and after the little lady went to bed, Patrick and I had a wonderful extended conversation about Lincoln, and particularly this summer/last six months. I will miss him.
(Addendum: Yesterday, after work, I saw Patrick driving by at an intersection. It made me smile.)

Forthcoming: A bulleted trip summary.


Back from the East

I'll have to write about my trip and get some photos up as well, but for now, here is what I accomplished at work today.