New adventures

Carrying a projection screen by bike. Not really sure if sideways or sticking out the top was better.
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Goodbye, audio cassettes

While I do have a soft spot for vintage technology, one of my key frustrations at work has been the fact that I have to engineer the broadcast of monthly state board meetings on nearly 20 year old equipment.
No more. Today, the board approved my renovation proposal. 21st century, here we come!
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My Week #102

My Week #102 (March 28 - April 3) from nocoastfilms on Vimeo.

Sick, sick, sick. Then Clint's Karaoke Hustle/cruise, Sheclismo at the Roller Derby, and a weekend of racing where I left my camera in the car. Thanks to Ryan for the one shot of me racing where he heeds my concern for more water during the marathon and forgets to turn off the camera.