snow commute

4℉ this morning, snowing, but no wind, and i'll stop dissing my mtb. i had a fun ride.

this was what it looked like out my window all morning. good weather for editing.

this afternoon, different story. it wasn't snowing anymore, but the cars had packed things down pretty well, and the ruts were pretty killer on a relative icebike novice like me. i'm totally thrilled with my winter bike pants, though.

face, masked. head, handknit-hatted & helmeted. eyes, in need of ski goggles. that might make me look less mean.


c_c_rider said...

waytago snowbiker! i need some ski goggles too so if you find a place with some cheap ones let me know.
are the fleece lined bike pants keeping you toasty?

elisabeth said...

the pants are great. wore a baselayer under them today, totally perfect. think i'm going to swing by REI in Denver when I'm on the way to the mountains, so I'll check the selection!