Back on the Vitamin G

 After a couple weeks of travel and hitting the dirt and pavement, it was time to reconnect with extraordinarily early departure times and watching the sunrise over some rural Nebraska goodness. With two garage coffee stops on the way out of town, the sun was just coming up as we hit the trail on a record-breakingly cold July morning. Bliss...
 Not often you see dewy tall grass like this at the end of July. Or that you leave your arm warmers on until 9 o'clock in the morning. Or that you take them at all.

Modified the Bacon Ride with some MMR goodness on the way back west. There are some pretty decent rollers running parallel to the MoPac that you'd never expect when you're on the flat trail. Spent a lot of time contemplating this gear-shedding decision I'm making...

From left to right: Kevin Wilkins, Jesse Peterson, Matt Wills, and Corey Godfrey. Nice riding, fellas!

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